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Pittsburgh has a history spanning over two centuries.

Today, the Steel City gives its inhabitants plenty of things to be proud of, including its picturesque skyline and towering skyscrapers.

Whether you’re new to the Burgh, have been a Pittsburgh resident for a while, or are leaving the city, what better way to celebrate the glory and honor of those years than by putting on something that represents your local pride?

This is exactly what you can expect from PGH Apparel; a clothing store in Pittsburgh dedicated to representing the Pride, Glory, and Honor of the city. Three values that are woven through a collection of outfit choices for everyone!

Clothes for every day and season

With our multiple outfits that show off local pride, you’re never going to run out of style statements to make—no matter what season it is.

As a local store dedicated to the city’s honor, we have items for every season of the year.

When you want to run out on a cold, damp morning, try our windbreaker that carries the city initials on its sleeves to keep the wind away.

Feeling personally attacked by the cold weather? Simply put on a PGH hoodie that will keep you cozy and warm when the snow hits the street. These hoodies are comfortable and made of fleecy material to keep you warm throughout the day.

On days you feel too lazy to go out, have a lie-in with your favorite hoodie honoring your favorite city and a pair of our joggers that do the same; cuddle by a fireplace, and enjoy the cozy weather from home.

Maybe you’re looking to bring that true Yinzer spirit into the streets on a warm day? A PGH-inscribed t-shirt with biker shorts is a perfect outfit choice. For an even more relaxed fit, replace your t-shirt with a tank top and bring out your local pride in comfort.

Outfits to celebrate local culture

As the most unique clothing store in Pittsburgh, we also celebrate the melting pot of local traditions in the city.

The Steelers are dear to us all, so why not get a t-shirt with a lively cheer and back the home team. If you’re one of the quieter fans, get yourself a hoodie in the traditional black and gold of the Steelers to subtly show your Steeler heart.

Local Yinzer traditions don’t end with sports. Those celebrating St.Paddy’s day can join the festivities dressed in our green t-shirt with the city’s founding day.

Maybe you’re looking for an outfit to support a local cause? Our red St.Jude t-shirt will help you do exactly that. This one will not only show everyone where you’re from, but also represent the values that we in the Burgh take pride in.

Accessories to upgrade your style

A good outfit looks even better when you throw in the right accessories, and our clothing store in Pittsburgh has an abundance to choose from.

When you top your outfit with a baseball cap, you’re putting the finishing touches on a stellar outfit that boasts the honor, culture, and style of Pittsburgh citizens.

Grab one of our black Midnight Collection hit ball caps to go with your black and gold hoodie, and you have just the right accessory to get the look of a true Steelers fan.

On the days you want to bring out the inner street style icon in you, pair your outfit with one of our Neutral Collection baseball caps to remind you of your Yinzer spirit.

Replace your baseball cap with a PGH beanie on cold days, so you can stay warm as well as chic.

Our clothing store in Pittsburgh brings you outfits that let you take the pride of the city with you wherever you go

A good outfit is going to make you stand out in any room, but one that also reminds you of home is a double whammy in our book.

Rep your city pride, honor the Steel City’s legacy while also looking amazing in comfortable clothes today!


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