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Carrying stainless drinkware is a move of convenience that has now become an accessory as a result of the vast choices available out there.

Today, they are a favorite of many, from commuters to college kids to adventurers on the go.

But stainless steel drinkware is still a functional accessory—it comes with many benefits that make them more convenient, safe, and ethical to use than your average reusable drinkware.

A stainless wine tumbler that has your city’s initials on it vamp up its value even more. Now with Steel City’s initials, PGH, displayed on your new favorite drinkware, you can take those Pittsburgh spirits on the road.

Get a durable drink container

Stainless steel comes with the advantage of being durable, allowing you to take a glass of your favorite wine anywhere without worrying about cracks, breaks, or spillage. With the EVA foam bottom, our stainless wine tumbler is reinforced with materials that hold strong against impacts—a remarkable advantage over plastic and ceramic.

You can use your tumbler for ages without worrying about having to replace it, and can take it on even the most adventurous journeys.

Enjoy your drink of choice on the go

Stainless steel drinkware has earned its place as the go-to cup when you want to take your favorite beverages with you on the road.

They’re not just built for smooth rides in your car, but even for bumpier rides on rocky roads. This is what makes a steel tumbler a good choice when you’re planning a picnic in the park or for those who love more strenuous ventures like hikes, road trips, or even camping.

What’s more is that our wine tumbler comes with a lid that seals your drink in, letting you take your favorite drink anywhere confidently without the fear of spilling.

Say more with less

The sleek look of stainless drinkware is attractive for its minimalism. Our stainless wine tumbler that has our city’s name emblazoned on it, now lets you say what a proud Yinzer you are without compromising that simplicity you love.

They are just the right fashion statement for anyone who loves a subtle display of hometown patriotism.

Wash your troubles away

The best thing about these wine tumblers is that they are stainless. Say goodbye to the trouble of scrubbing and brushing coffee or wine stains off your favorite drinkware.

Instead, all you have to do is give your tumbler a rinse, and it will look as good as new.

Have it hot or cold

Imagine trying to take a sip of your warm drink only to find it’s gone cold?

Or maybe you were looking forward to a refreshingly chilled sip, but found that it’s not so cold anymore. These are unpleasant experiences that we have all faced at one point.

Enter the PGH double-walled wine tumbler; the two-lined wall can preserve the temperature of your drink for a long period of time. That means you can keep your drinks at that ideal temperature for much longer and enjoy it to the last drop.

Do your part for the planet

The more you use one-time plastics, the more negative your impact on the environment becomes.

When you switch to a stainless tumbler, you’re cutting down on your plastic usage and are one step closer to being a more ethical consumer.

Carry your wine in a PGH tumbler and join the Yinzers in helping to keep the environment safe.

Gift a memorable city souvenir

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone visiting or leaving the city, wine tumblers are ideal Pittsburgh products.

A wine tumbler with our city name splashed across it is one of the best tokens you can give someone to carry memories of the Burgh with them long after they leave.

As a durable, useful, and sentimental gift, a wine tumbler can leave its receiver a little more in love with the city and very appreciative of the thoughtful gift.

A stainless wine tumbler—your to-go cup of choice

Whether you’re cozying up for the winter at home or gearing up for an adventure, or even browsing endlessly for the perfect gift for a loved one—with our stainless wine tumbler, you don’t have to look far.


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