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Something good about the continuous evolution of fashion is that clothing and accessories are not limited to specific places and times.

True to this, a baseball cap is no longer an accessory that keeps the heat away when you’re watching a ball game. This is why whether you’re a fan of the sport or not, our collection of Pittsburgh hats is available for everyone!.

There are plenty of ways to accessorize your everyday street style with a cap.

A cap that reminds you of the city you were born in? Even better.

We know the importance of the city’s history and the legacy that’s worth talking about and representing.

Coupling the local pride with exceptional style by sporting a Pittsburgh baseball cap is going to make you a true Yinzer.

Planning to go out? Here are some stellar outfit ideas that you can incorporate your favorite hat with.

Black, Bold and Badass

Did you know that black is the most popular color for baseball hats?

This is not surprising considering that the color black when combined with something as all-time trendy as a cap is a perfect combo that can make you truly stand out in the crowd.

An all-black Pittsburgh baseball cap with the city’s birth year 1758 splashed across the black background makes a bold callback to your roots and the history of The Burgh.

The all-black attire is suitable for multiple occasions too!

Got a night out planned? Get your black Pittsrbrugh hat to keep the cold away.

Want to go hang out on the streets on a sunny day? Your cap can protect your head and hair from the heat of the sun.

Above all this, your Pittsburgh hat is a reminder of home to take with you wherever you go.

Try this look with a pair of black ripped jeans and a leather jacket and you’re complete with the look of a true Yinzer style star on the road.

Sporty Swag

This look is perfect for the Yinzer on the go.

When you want to cheer for your favorite team, an athleisure look with a baseball hat is going to make it look like you’re right in your element.

An athleisure outfit with a t-shirt and joggers, or a sporty look of baggy pants and a hoodie is going to look stellar with a white baseball hat.

It’s going to keep you comfortable while you’re cheering on from the bleachers—but it’s more than that.

A white baseball hat with the city’s initials in black and gold? It’s going to tell everyone that you’re repping the steel city and are going to shout out the home team.

Casually Catchy

Take your sporty look beyond the bleachers by adding a neutral baseball cap to your t-shirt and jeans look.

You can channel a more comfortable look while also preserving your casual style in a t-shirt and a baseball hat.

Pick a neutral Pittsburgh baseball cap, something that goes with more than just one shade, so you don’t have to worry about painfully clashing color contrasts.

With something like a neutral hat, you’re never out of options on sunny days.

You can keep yourself shielded from the summer sun or safe from the morning drizzle.

We all know the story behind the H; one that stands as a testament to Pittsburgh’s roots. So choosing a Pittsburgh hat that nods back to the Yinzer values and the steel-like resolution of the citizens of the Burgh is a reminder of the long-standing legacy that makes the city so beloved.

Keep it Stylish and Keep it Yinzer with a Pittsburgh Baseball Hat

When you step out next time, why not wear a hat that represents you as an iconoclast of Steel City fashion?

Be it in the summer with a lighter fit or layered with your hoodie in the winter, a hat is functional, stylish, and versatile to rock every season!


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