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Sipping a warm drink out of a chunky mug has a certain feeling about it that we all love.

When you use a Pittsburgh mug that reps your city, you add a little something extra to your experience—whether it’s as simple as drinking your coffee by the window, or a more momentous occasion like giving it to someone as a token.

Here at PGH Apparel, we know what it means for us Yinzers to have ceramic camping mugs that have our city’s name represented on them.

The value of a ceramic mug, however, can exceed its appeal and aesthetic. Here’s why.

Keep it hot!

The cozy feeling of resting by the fireplace or relaxing on the couch can only get better when you have a mug full of steaming coffee or a bubbling mug of homemade cocoa. But that feeling dissipates quite rapidly as our drinks start to cool.

With ceramic camping mugs that retain heat longer, you can indulge in your favorite drink and enjoy that cozy feeling.

Ceramic is a less porous material that has air pockets; these retain heat making its conduction process much slower than other materials.

In addition, ceramic also has a higher specific heat capacity than glass; your drinks will lose heat at a slightly slower pace with ceramic than with glass.

Support local businesses

The Pittsburgh ceramic camping mug is a product of your city.

When you leave our store in Pittsburgh with your favorite mug in hand, you’re not just making another purchase; you’re using a product made by local designers and manufacturers who we like to call the heart of Steel City.

We know the economic value of shopping local and giving back to your city, and now you can do this with our ceramic camping mugs—made and perfected in your very own Pittsburgh.

By getting your own Pittsburgh mug, you’re supporting local talent, acknowledging the business owners of your own community, and uplifting them.

Go green

What adds more value to ceramic mugs is that they are a sustainable alternative to plastic.

According to research, plastic wastage is growing at an annual rate of 9% and over one million marine life lose their life to plastic pollution annually.

A more durable option like ceramic can reduce plastic waste, and help you shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. With global warming and pollution becoming more threatening by the day, a ceramic camping mug will let you do your part for global sustainability efforts and show the true values that Yinzers stand for.

Gift with love

As a token that represents many sentiments—the local economy and sustainability—a Pittsburgh mug is the ideal gift to give someone to remember our city by.

Got an office party coming up? A PGH mug is the perfect token to gift your colleagues and let them take home from the event.

If you have a friend visiting our city, why not welcome them with a gift that reminds them of comforting warm drinks sipped while sitting by the fire, and is made sustainably by the local community.

Or maybe you want to treat yourself to something that shows your love for our city? Whether you are Yinzer-born or are a new member of the Burgh, a mug that represents your city is a perfect choice.

Pittsburgh mug—“It is the perfect size and keeps my drink hot!”

A camping-style ceramic mug gives you the double-edged joy of being both stylish and useful. You can enjoy your favorite beverages, make gifting meaningful, and celebrate local businesses!

As one of our loyal customers noted, it’s the perfect size to enjoy any beverage and just the right cup to keep your drinks steaming.


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