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The benefits of a good hoodie are endless.

Having a comfortable, cozy item of clothing like a hoodie means you own the perfect piece for any occasion—traveling, chilling at home, sleeping in, or even getting in a workout.

Owning a hoodie that pays homage to your city? This one ups the ante, especially if you love to make a lasting statement with your outfits.

Our Pittsburgh apparel brings you the opportunity to do exactly this with hoodies that let you tell everyone of the place you proudly call your hometown.

The Burgh is loved by us locals for many reasons—the history and all that our ancestors fought for, and the local mines that gave the Steel City its name are only a few of these reasons. Today, the city boasts a beautiful skyline peppered with skyscrapers that stand tall as a testament to our history.

Wearing Pittsburgh hoodies mean you wear your history and identity as a badge of honor.

Stand proud and patriotic

We know how excited Yinzers get about our sports teams.

That’s why we bring you a collection of hoodies in Steeler black and gold. Take our black hoodie with gold details—wearing this in the stands, you can stay chic while cheering on your home team!

If you want to make a louder statement with your style, our gold hoodie is the one for you. In golden shades—that remind you of our city’s beautiful sunsets—you can stand out and do your city proud.

Both these Pittsburgh hoodies are perfect as a casual outfit and on days you want to take your style up a notch.

Planning a night out or a casual date? These stylish pieces pair perfectly with shorts or a skirt.

The bold colors mixed with comfortable materials are going to keep you confident, patriotic, and cozy throughout the night.

Wear the city’s glory with style

One of the biggest benefits of a hoodie is how versatile it is.

You can put on your favorite hoodie on a wintry day and stay warm from dawn to dusk without the cold getting the better of you.

If your style is all about layering, put our dark zip-up hoodie on over your outfit and make your everyday look more Yinzer with the subtle PGH reference on your chest.

Little details like the metal eyelets, waist, and armbands add up to the most badass outfit your closet has to offer!

Now, with a Pittsburgh hoodie, you can dress in style and with pride.

Honor history in comfort

There’s a story behind the H that Yinzers take pride in.

The city was named in honor of William Pitt, the former British Prime Minister. When the US Board on Geographic Names removed the H at the end of the Pittsburgh, the locals fought back and, in 1911, the board finally relented and reinstated the H.

Today, wearing a hoodie that carries that H honors the city’s history and the hard-won name that Yinzers are both proud and fond of.

With our oversized hoodie that comes in a beautiful earthy tone, you can now showcase that pride in comfort.

What makes this hoodie the perfect piece of clothing for cold weather is that it’s also made of the smoothest fabrics that feel lightweight on your skin. The cotton mixes and fleecy material lets you cozy up in this awesome hoodie without making you look or feel bulky.

Pittsburgh hoodies let you be comfortable, fashionable, and Yinzer to the core!

Along with their trendy style, our hoodies let you make a true statement about your city whenever you travel. Wherever you are, you can carry local values close to your heart.

For Yinzers, this is what it means to own a Pittsburgh hoodie—wearing the Pride, Glory, and Honor of home.


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