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For years, fashion has been an avenue through which we can build and define our identities and a way for us to express and communicate what we truly feel.

The colors we wear and the slogans we carry on our clothes have turned clothing into something more than just skin-deep functional. They represent who we are, allow us to make a statement, and showcase our core beliefs.

This is the case when it comes to honoring the city you call your home.

Whether you are Pittsburgh born and raised, or you moved into the Steel City much later on in life, putting on something that carries your city’s name is the perfect way to celebrate Yinzer pride with style.

What’s so special about the legacy of the city you may ask? Beyond the picturesque views of its skyline and the steel mines that contributed to making the city what it is today, there is a story behind the Pittsburgh H and the honor it reminds us of.

Represent the city’s honor

The heart of Steel City is its people. And all across the world, Yinzers carry their city’s name with pride.

When you put on a Pittsburgh sweatshirt or a t-shirt, it doesn’t just tell the world what city you’re from, it also embodies what it means to be a Pittsburgh native.

When you’re taking a walk down the familiar lanes or even leaving Pittsburgh, an outfit that carries the initials of your city is always going to remind you of your roots and the local Pittsburgh culture.

The story of the H

The name Pittsburgh is a story in itself, and the inimitable H has a story of its own that is close to the heart of all Yinzers.

The city was founded in 1758, after the defeat of the French stronghold of Fort Duquesne, and was named in honor of the former British Prime Minister, William Pitt.

When the United States Board on Geographic Names intervened to remove the letter H and rename the beloved city Pittsburg, the locals fought back for the H that closed the original name.

Honoring the choice of the people, in 1911, the board decided to revert to the original name—Pittsburgh, spelled with an H.

Today, the initials PGH aren’t just about shortening the city’s name. It’s a fond reminder of the dedication of the Pittsburgh natives who fought tooth and nail to keep their original name; those who stuck by their city roots even as the world evolved.

Our Favorite Pittsburgh Sweatshirts

Wear your city pride with style

Nothing screams you’re a Yinzer through and through like a sweatshirt you wear with the Pittsburgh name.

You can pack comfort and Pittsburgh pride into one stellar outfit by wearing a PGH-decorated crewneck sweatshirt.

Pittsburgh sweatshirts that have the city’s founding year emblazoned alongside the PGH initials take it one step further. These little details make a subtle, and fashionable, reference to when the Steel City came to be, reminding onlookers of the amazing history behind three letters.

What’s even better is that you can pair a sweatshirt with any number of other clothing items. You’re not just repping the city and honoring it, your amazing outfit lets you do it with unapologetic confidence and effortless style.

Whether you’re rushing out on a weekday morning or relaxing on your couch on a Sunday evening,  the PGH crewneck carrying the city’s name and recalling the legacy of the H is a go-to outfit for all locals.

Carry the spirit that our city was founded on with our Pittsburgh sweatshirts

Celebrate your local holidays, cheer your favorite team on from the bleachers, or snuggle on the couch on a chilly afternoon—a sweatshirt is a versatile choice for them all.

Do you know what can make things cozier? When your sweatshirt reminds you of your city, showcases your Yinzer pride out loud, or keeps home close by just when you’re starting to miss it a little too much.

Join street style, local culture, and history together with your Pittsburgh sweatshirts. Carry the pride, glory, and honor of your city home wherever you go.


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