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The people of Pittsburgh make and shape our local culture.

Being a part of the Steel City is always something to celebrate; whether you’re born and raised in the Burgh, or recently started making your home here.

Wherever you go, if you’re looking to take a piece of home with you, PGH Apparel—a store full of Pittsburgh products lets you do exactly that. Keep your home close to heart with apparel made to celebrate the Pride, Glory, and Honor of Pittsburgh.

With winter close at hand, it’s time to up your winter closet game with Pittsburgh products that salute your home city.

Yinzers buckle up, this winter shopping guide is for you!

Bundle up with a Pittsburgh hoodie

As the colder months creep around the corner, a hoodie is a must-have on your winter shopping list.

Our neutral oversized hoodie is made for this purpose. You can pair it with a pair of dark jeans to keep things warm and trendy.

If you’re not a fan of oversized clothing, the PGH black and gold hoodies may be more up your alley. Our black and gold hoodies come in a range of inclusive sizes, making them accessible to all Yinzers. Go bold in the classic Steeler black and gold to make an unforgettable statement about the Steel City.

To finish your street look, try your favorite hoodie with a neutral baseball hat. It’s practical and protects your head from the cold, damp weather, while also helping you take to the chilly streets with style!

Say goodbye to winter chills with a PGH t-shirt

A comfortable t-shirt that can keep you warm is a blessing on cold days.

If your winter style is all about warm layers, try one of our PGH t-shirts layered under your favorite jacket or hoodie. We’ve got it all, from neutral shades with subtle shoutouts to the Pittsburgh initials on the hem to shirts that announce the city name and founding day boldly.

The PGH unisex t-shirt, for example, is a great choice to wear underneath your favorite coat, or better yet, a comfy hoodie.

If you’re after a more muted palette, try one of our neutral collection t-shirts that pays homage to the city. Or maybe pair a twisted t-shirt with a zip-up hoodie. These subtle details let you stay true to your minimalist style preferences while also representing your local values.

For a sleeker look, a black t-shirt layered with a jacket is the perfect match. Up your outfit with a couple of accessories and, voilà, your winter wear finally has that Yinzer flare.

Keep it cozy and casual on lazy days

These all-time favorite Pittsburgh apparel items are for those who hate the chilly winter afternoons.

Think long-sleeved t-shirts and comfortable pants that keep the cold away from dusk to dawn.

Made from the most comfortable material, these t-shirts and pants can keep you warm without too many layers making you look bulky.

Our PGH crewneck is just the right fit for a pair of dark jeans or a pair of PGH joggers on couch days, when your plans only consist of kicking back and relaxing.

On game nights, wear one of our Pittsburgh shirts with long sleeves and cheer on your favorite team. This one is not just about comfort, but also about letting out the true sports fan in you when you support your home team!

Top it all off with a neutral beanie to keep your head and ears tucked away from the bitter wind, and your lazy athleisure winter look is complete!

With this collection in your closet, you’re ready to take on the winter cold; snuggle by the fireplace, or run out on a quick Christmas errand without needing an outfit change.

Stay warm and true to your city with our Pittsburgh products

Don’t let the Yinzer in you hibernate this winter.

Our Pittsburgh products will call out the true fashionista in you this season, honor the Burgh, and keep you warm.


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