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The city of Pittsburgh is known for its glorious history and its unique pride.

While the city name brings its local steel mills and the Pittsburgh skyline to mind, nothing embodies the local culture better than its people, and there’s no better way to represent your Pittsburgh pride than by repping your city every time you step out.

The best way to do that and honor your Yinzer roots? By pairing your personal style with the true Pittsburgh essence.

Carry the Pittsburgh name with you

With a t-shirt that captures the pride, glory, and honor of Pittsburgh, you can carry your city’s name close to your heart.

An oversized t-shirt with the city’s initials, topped with a blazer is a perfect look to balance classy and relaxed.

For a more emphasized silhouette, tuck in your t-shirt and use a belt to accentuate your waist. This is just the right choice of Pittsburgh apparel to wear for a semi-formal event.

To keep it sleek, you can wear a coordinating color palette; pair your black t-shirt with a black leather blazer and black bottoms.

If you want to tone down, pair your t-shirt with a denim jacket and a scarf. Alternatively, try a zip-up hoodie that can be left open for the Pittsburgh name to peek out from underneath.

A homage to your city when you travel

Crossing city borders and looking for something to remind you of home? You never need to leave Pittsburgh behind with your airport apparel.

Pair a simple twisted t-shirt with a subtle city shoutout at the bottom. The cropped effect, perfected by the knotted hem, can emphasize your figure and keep things stylish too.

Maybe you’re looking for a more casual look? A Pittsburgh-pride tank top paired with a white ball cap can do the job.

These chic tops can be styled with anything—switch up your footwear and accessories to suit any of your travel plans.

No matter how far away from home your travels take you, with Pittsburgh apparel, you’ll always carry a piece of home with you.

Cheer your city on

Cheering your home team on at a game?  Don the city’s colors before hitting the bleachers. A graphic black t-shirt announcing your city pride in yellow is an ideal outfit, brought to you by Pittsburgh apparel.

Or you can wear your Yinzer heart on the long sleeve of a t-shirt with a witty cheering caption.

A lighter pair of jeans that create a contrasting palette goes with both of these tops. You can tuck it in fully or just in the front for a more elevated appearance. Topped with a baseball cap, this dapper look screams local pride.

Cozy up under winter lights

If you’re taking a stroll down the Pittsburgh lanes on a cold evening, a windbreaker can help you keep the chill away. A midnight cropped windbreaker is ideal for chilly mornings even in the spring!

On an early morning run, a Pittsburgh-emblazoned hoodie and jogger can help you put together that effortless athleisure look.

A good hoodie will also work if you’re going to bundle up next to the window and enjoy the city’s skyline on a cold night.

For a lighter look, try a crewneck sweatshirt for that perfect comfy fit, while still standing true to your Pittsburgh pride.

Stay comfortable even on the coldest days while honoring your city.

Pittsburgh apparel let you express yourself with pride

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, and no matter what the weather is like that day—you never need to leave your Pittsburgh pride behind.

Pittsburgh apparel lets you represent your city spirit with enthusiasm and style, effortlessly.

When it comes to preserving your style while expressing your love for the inimitable Steel City, PGH Apparel has you covered!


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