When you think about the city of Pittsburgh, you may say it’s a steel town, or picture that beautiful skyline. You may even think of the long-standing bridges and rivers that surround our city.

We think all those things represent the city just fine, but is it what really makes Pittsburgh what it is?

No. The PGH spirit is in the hearts of its people. It is the folks who have sacrificed so much in those steel mills to build our beautiful skyline. It is the bridges that span the three rivers to bring this city of neighborhoods closer together.

PGH represents the civic pride that Yinzers all over the world feel.

There could be no better way to show off your Pittsburgh pride than by repping your city every time you step out. When you put on a PGH shirt, you’re not just saying, “Hey, I’m from Pittsburgh.” You’re also celebrating the Pittsburgh name and what it means to belong to it. PGH Apparel wants to represent the people of the city, the hard-working men and women who continue to innovate and redefine what this city is all about.

An outfit that speaks the city’s name out loud is about paying homage to the steel city’s people, whose courage and determination make up the Pittsburgh courage today.


Apparel designed to represent the pride, glory, and honor of Pittsburgh


After capturing the French stronghold Fort Duquesne, General Forbes honored then British Prime Minister William Pitt by naming the area after him. In 1758, “Pittsbourgh” was born. A typo 58 years later changed the spelling to “Pittsburgh” forever. Or did it? The spelling stuck for another 75 years until the United States Board on Geographic Names got involved. The board directed cities ending in “burgh” to drop the ‘H‘ and, just like that, “Pittsburgh” was changed to “Pittsburg.” This was met with extreme resistance. For nearly 20 years, Yinzers of old refused to change the spelling, most notably the Pittsburgh Gazette and The University of Pittsburgh. Finally, on July 19, 1911 the board reviewed the case and gave us back our ‘H.’

Pittsburgh’s esteemed H: the one letter that exemplifies what it means to be from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The letter that Pittsburghers from generations past fought for nearly twenty years to take back. “Pride, Glory, Honor” aren’t just three words that we chose to embody our brand; they represent the values on which our city was built. They are the values that continue to drive our city and neighborhoods today. Crossing borders and transcending culture, this is a unique community filled with problem solvers, diverse voices, and creative minds. The H is what gives us our identity; it stands alone as a representation of our history. So, how will you represent the H?


PGH Clothing Company

Cole Yocca, Co-Founder

I’ve always wanted to own a business and who could blame me! I’ve watched my dad grow a nationwide company and I’ve seen my mom open up her very own boutique. Business is in my blood. My dad came to me one night and said that if I wanted to own my own business I would have to start studying to be a head of the game. l thought about it later that night and started to think why study about business when I can create my own and learn in real life scenarios. I was up all night thinking what can I create, what can I do? Then It came to me. I like clothes and I love the city of Pittsburgh. Why not put them together? And that is when PGH Apparel was born. For about a month and a half I was up every night writing sketches, strategizing, and coming up with game plans. A few days before I dropped the first product I hired a good friend of mine, Dylan Tarquinio, who later became a big part of the company and he is now my partner. We are two 16 year old boys who want to take over the city with our clothing/brand.

Clothes Pittsburgh

Dylan Tarquinio, Co-Founder

Ever since I was about 13 I have been fascinated by the idea of entrepreneurship, someone who has really influenced me is Gary Vaynerchuk (serial entrepreneur). Since then I have become very ambitious, Since that time to now (16) I have started several companies. My newest project has been working with the founder and CEO of PGH Apparel, Cole Yocca, he pitched me his idea one day as we were eating breakfast in downtown Pittsburgh, I instantly thought it was great! Over the past several months we have been working day and night creating this successful brand. I was just recently provided the opportunity to become a partner (COO) in the brand which is a tremendous opportunity. Like me and Cole both say, we are just two 16 year old boys who want to take over the city with our clothing/brand.


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