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  • I have a soft spot for soft Ts and these are super soft! Love the concept and the pride in PGH! Great service. Quick shipping. Quality materials.

    Kristy Smethwick
  • I ordered the camping mug and sweatshirt. The mug is perfect!! The sweatshirt is soft and well made. Ordering was easy and I shipped quickly. Already recommended to others and will order again!

    Melissa Friend
  • I have purchased hoodies and tees for myself and my husband. We LOVE them! Super soft, washes well, and doesn’t shrink or stretch.

    Tracey Kennelly


When we ask ourselves “Why PGH?” we often refer back to the three words that embody our brand; Pride, Glory and Honor. Pittsburgh has had a long and storied legacy, a legacy that has grown and evolved over generations. At PGH Apparel, we want to represent that legacy. PGH Apparel – A leading PGH clothing company represents so much more than just the abbreviation for Pittsburgh, it represents the people. When describing our city, you may say a steel town, or picture that beautiful skyline. You may think of our bridges and rivers that surround our city.

We think all those things represent the city just fine, but is it what really makes Pittsburgh what it is? No. It is the people. It is the folks who sacrificed so much in those steel mills to build our beautiful skyline. It is the bridges that span the three rives to bring this city of neighborhoods closer together. The PGH represents the civic pride that Yinzers all over the globe feel. When you put on a PGH shirt you are not just saying, “Hey, I’m from Pittsburgh.” You are boasting the symbol of what it truly means to be from Pittsburgh. PGH Apparel wants to represent the people of the city the hard-working men and women who continue to innovate and redefine what this city is all about.

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Entering 2020 with only an online presence, brick and mortar was always an exciting look into the future little did we know how soon that would actually happen. Just seven months after going live online PGH Apparel opened our first show room in July of 2020 on Greensburg Pike in Wilkins.

It’s been exciting getting to meet a lot of our customers in person and sharing stories about how they are going to represent the H has been great.

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Pittsburgh is more than just the city proper it is the surrounding neighborhoods that make our city truly unique. Although we love our beautiful downtown area, we came to realize our neighbors in the South Hills felt a little left out.

We wanted to make it easier for Yinzers beyond the tubes to represent the H so we opened our second location in Bethel Park right off of Library Road. We can’t wait to represent the H in the South Hills with you!

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